About us

Binixo Corporation: loans for consumers

Binixo Corporation is a South Africa-based company that will easily solve the financial problems of companies and consumers. Thanks to the consumer financing, each user can get the required amount of money within a minimum period of time. Due to the fact that all transactions occur online, users and representatives of companies just fill out the appropriate form online and receive a cash transaction.

Company’s profile and work specific

Binixo Corporation is one of the first credit brokers that provide online loans in the South Africa. The company focuses on financial support of users. The company is aimed at consumer lending and the formation of a commercial segment. As an international fintech company, Binixo makes it easier to obtain credits. The company offers favorable loan conditions and a varied approach to each user. Binixo is an international project that has established itself in many countries as a reliable financial service offering quality service and a democratic approach to lending.


Transparent terms of cooperation include the following options:

  • Binixo loans. In order to apply for a loan, you only need a couple of minutes. All applications are accepted online. Managers quickly review each application, after which the user instantly receives money into his bank account. The system of repayment and restructuring of loans is as flexible and convenient as possible;
  • The simplicity of registration. There is no need to visit in-patient institutions and stand in line for a loan. The entire application process is fully automated and is sent online. Confirmation of the identity and collection of necessary information occurs in a simplified and comfortable format for users. Just a few minutes and a couple of actions at the computer and the money will come to your bank account;
  • Absolute transparency. Binixo South Africa cherishes the trust of its users. That is why all credit conditions are as transparent as possible. The user receives all information regarding the registration procedure and interest rates. The company guarantees maximum honesty when registering a loan.

How to get a loan?

If you need a credit, then follow four simple steps: Set the exact amount and due date, fill in a form and sign the contract. After the approvement, you will able to get your money. The minimum loan amount is R300. The maximum loan amount is R9000. Depending on your preferences, the loan period can be chosen from 1 to 30 days. Binixo lending website works in 24 / 7 mode. You can get quality service at any time of the day. The first loan can be issued at 0%. This is a unique opportunity for South Africa. An intuitive Binixo.co.za interface is adapted for most users. It is no longer necessary to read many conditions and perform non-obvious actions. Simply select the required amount and the term of the loan.

Why should you choose Binixo Corporation?

If the borrower has an emergency situation during which he cannot repay the debt on time, the repayment term can be extended. Binixo appreciates the time of its customers, so the whole procedure takes place online with a minimum waiting time. Using the built-in calculator, you will be able to determine the required amount to repay the loan. The company values its customers.

That’s why the whole registration procedure will take a minimum amount of time. You can make a loan sitting on the bus or while you’re in the store. The company takes into account customer requests and offers a better interest rate on the market. No need to overpay for the use of credit. The democratic interest rate for the use of credit will allow all not to worry about overpayment.