About us

Starting from 2017, Binixo is one of the most reliable legal loan brokers. In the beginning, our team mostly worked in Eastern Europe where we gained the popularity and trust of clients and credit partners together. After that, our company decided to move to Asia, Latin America, and finally Africa. And, now the branches can be found in more than 10 countries including Mexico, Spain, Philippines. The best bonus for potential clients is that our service does not charge for such help.

If you have any inquiries, the headquarter is located in Budapest, Hungary on Radai Street 31. Otherwise, call us at +36202114538 or write to info@binixo.com. Binixo website is owned by Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság Infinsacom.

What Are Our Goals?

Our team daily meets the requirements of dozens of clients. Thus, to deliver the best support, we have a set of rules, and accordingly of goals. The main one is to provide each seeker with qualitative assistance in offering only the best lenders. Each person who wants to apply for a loan should be informed in advance about every aspect and consequences with one credit company. Here we are, the helpers to get money from lenders within minutes. Other goals are:

When choosing us, we may also provide potential borrowers with auxiliary informational help concerning the credits. Contact us to get to know more.

Why Us?

Again, there are no fees with us. And, our friendly African team can answer all your questions 24/7. We work without breaks and day-offs. Also, we give a full picture to lenders presented on the market that have been working in this field for long, and that, in turn, have proven their trust and reliability.

Last but not least, our experts make sure all the clients are knowledgeable about the application process and know how to find the creditors without paying over the nose. Our navigation helps to decide on the financial organizations that issue money within minutes and without requiring many documents.

We Are in the World

As far as our target to expand the services across the world, we seek the opportunity to open our branches in all the African cities. But, at the same moment, applicants from other countries can find us in Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia, Spain, Bulgaria, Ukraine, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Mexico.