Bayport financial services

Bayport is a South African online service for those seeking long term loans. The company has been operating since 2004 and has successfully provided loans to all South Africans. The company operates in South Africa on legal grounds and is controlled by the Commission on Intellectual Property. This is the official creditor operating under the current legislation.

Bayport is positioning itself as a service (not a bank) for cheerful people who don’t have to spend time on various financial operations in the bank and solve their problems online. The company provides online loans and processes all blacklisted requests automatically. It’s simply a non-bank financial institution for SA people online. The company has an instant loan options.

Bayport loans

Requirements for obtaining an online loan in Bayport

Users can get a loan online when fulfilling a number of requirements and branches. Clients must have a valid ID number, an account in one of the banks in South Africa and confirmation of the source of legal income in South Africa. Only in this case, you can get a loan online. It is also necessary to enter reliable personal information. This is a modern company that knows what customers need.

The site interface has informative information about the most favorable credit conditions. All information is provided in a concise visual style. This helps customers to choose the most convenient type of lending. The system of the company automatically analyzes the data and issues a loan under all conditions. It’s good for small business. Also loan application is easy to use.

Bayport Interest Rate

The actual interest rate is 29.4% per month. This allows customers to rely on affordable loans. Users can count on the amount from R1000 to R200 000. The average loan term is 6-72 months. The interest rate is controlled by the national financial commission. People can use call center to know how to get cash contact details.

The registration process is quite simple and convenient. Users do not need to spend a lot of time filling out online forms. Everything is automated and simplified. This allows you to concentrate on the main aspects of lending. Loan application has loan calculator with Interest rate. Every credit union customer can get a financial loan with low fee.

bayport loans for blacklisted

How to get Bayport loan online?

bayport loan application

To obtain a finance loan, you can download the online application or use the website. Users need to register and perform the following actions and fill a form:

  • Enter the mobile phone number;
  • E-mail;
  • ID number;
  • Latest 3 months bank statements;
  • Copy of latest pay slip.

You must also provide your personal data and provide proof of legal and stable income. In this case, you can count on a loan. People also need to confirm some statements. All data is filled in within 10 minutes. The system processes each application within an hour. The initial maximum loan amount is limited to the amount in R4000.

The company has a special system of rewards and bonuses for customers. Regular users can count on an increased credit limit careers. Loans for blacklisted people are also reliable. People can login and read loans reviews.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bayport

Financial service provides loans for 1 hour. This is a quick indicator for getting money online. Users can complete the form online using a smartphone or computer. All actions are performed remotely. No need to do paper work. Loyal customers can get an increased credit limit from loan companies managers. Credit rating isn’t important for fast loans. Unsecured debt is an easy option for every customer. Special application simplifies all work.

The service has an official state license. This allows you to rely on the reliability and security of loans. The company also undergoes regular audits and provides the most transparent data about its activities. The company does not provide short-term loans. The minimum loan period is 6 months. This is not suitable for those who are looking for fast loans with a minimum loan term. Also, customers need to confirm their income. Many people in South Africa work illegally or have seasonal employment. This creates certain difficulties for obtaining a loan.

Contact info

Customers can contact the company in several different ways. The company also has some vacancies. All loans details and technical issues can be resolved with company managers. Here are a few options:

  • Telephone number ( management/customers support): 087 287 4000;
  • Fax: 086 624 3289;
  • Website:;
  • E-mail for customers:;
  • Physical Address of head office: Bayport House 23A 10th Avenue, Rivonia, Johannesburg, 2128, South Africa

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