Wonga online loans

Wonga is a South African online lending company. The organization is completely devoid of offices and other attributes of the classical banking system. All financial transactions are conducted online. The company applies a fully automated loans approval process. This reduces waiting times and provides customers with quick loans.

Clients who want to get a loan in Wonga are not required to communicate with managers or fulfill a whole list of requirements. The web resource is designed for quick and fast lending. The company focuses on the fact that the modern world is not perfect, so loans are a necessity.

Requirements for obtaining an online loan in Wonga

The company provides loans online and payday loans. In order to get the desired amount of money, each user must perform several loans steps:

  • Fill out an online form;
  • Enter the mobile phone number;
  • Enter your personal SA ID number;
  • Bankcard number;
  • Provide proof of solvency (any certificate or statement of income).

There are no more documents or additional conditions to apply credit. The company guarantees the payment of money to all citizens who have fulfilled the required conditions in South Africa. People also need a clean credit history. Easy loans for blacklisted is very important, so everyone needs a reliable website.

Wonga interest rate

Login users wishing to receive a loan online can get amount from R500 to R8000 with an interest rate fee of 3% per month. No charges at all. These Wonga.com conditions are relevant for loans for a term of 4 days to 6 months and it’s good for long term credits. It cost a regular fee. The company applies exclusively such a procedure without additional hidden fees for payday loan. Special application simplifies all calculations. Use the online form to calculate it.

How to get Wonga loan online?

wonga loan application

To obtain an online loan, you must open the official website of Wonga and use the online calculator. With calculator, you can choose the desired loan size and loan term. It is worth noting that the system is based on the principle of trust. You should create an account first. The first loan is limited to the amount in R3000. As soon as the customer repays his first loan, the maximum amount will increase to R8000 debt.

All company customers must complete an online form with personal data. The system automatically checks the customer’s credit rating and confirms his identity. To obtain a loan, you must specify only reliable data. You must also specify a mobile phone number. The corresponding PIN code will be sent to the phone number to confirm the flexi loans.

After all services requirements are met, the system automatically processes all data. The result will be approved to the client within 15 minutes. The site lists the recommended bank cards for the best payments. As soon as the system confirms the expensive transaction, the client can count on a financial transaction. People also need to follow all finance requirements.

Advantages and disadvantages of Wonga

wonga sa advantages

Wonga is an honest and reliable company that provides affordable payday loans and personal loans at a small percentage. This is a fully automated service. The decision to issue a loan is made by a computer based on the transferred data. The loan range starts from R500 to R8000. This allows you to choose the most suitable amount. It’s a real benefit. Quick repayment is also a benefit. It’s better than bank.

But the service has disadvantages. The first loan is limited to a maximum amount in R4000. Many people expect to receive a large amount for the first loan. People without citizenship or official income will not be able to get a loan. People also need a good credit score. The company requires documentary evidence of income. Errors or inaccuracies in the submitted information may cause a refusal in the loan. The service also checks the credit rating. People on the blacklist will not be able to get a loan. It’s a reason to avoid it.

Contact information

This is a modern company that knows what customers need. Customers can contact the company in several different ways. All technical issues can be resolved with company managers. Here are the main contact details:

  • Telephone number: 0861 966 421;
  • Website: wonga.co.za;
  • E-mail for customers: customercare@wonga.com;
  • E-mail for repayment queries: collections@wonga.com;
  • Money Academy e-mail: moneyacademy@wonga.com;
  • E-mail for fraud victims or anonymous reports: fraud@wonga.com:
  • Phone number for anonymous calls: 0861 966 421.
  • Physical Address: 1st floor, 33 Bree Street, 8001, Cape Town, South Africa.

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