How to a repay loan

Binixo is a credit broker and repay credit depends from creditor!

Depending on the creditors, a client will be offered exclusive repayment methods.

But, to make it more clear, there are a few common options. They are via credit card payment with Visa/Mastercard, and with the help of bank remittance referring to ABSA, FirstRand Group, First National Bank.

Check the next popular creditors on the South African market.


Choosing this service, applicants may receive loans up to 250,000 rands with a 20% rate and 84 weeks to pay it back. Bayportsa loan payment can even take place through their designated mobile application. With its help, clients can request for new credit, monitor the status on the requested borrowing whether it is approved or denied, and repay it with a debit or credit card. What else? The bayport payment mobile feature allows users to check the Credit Health Report.


Here, an applicant gets up to 50,000 rands with the 6, 12, 24 months to pay the debt. When proceeding to the capfin loan payment terms, there are a few options to return a debt. Now, clients can repay it by:

  • Direct Deposit;
  • Electronic funds transfer or EFT;
  • Using Pay@ that is available in any PEP Store.
  • Keep in mind, the transaction is proceeded only within 48 hours. And, straight after the approval.


A loan from 1,000 to 5,000 rands only. The other instructions on repaying or due date options are revealed only after concluding a contract. But, if again turning to the example provided by the service itself, a client should expect the next terms. If an applicant chooses a 5,000 amount to borrow for 6 months, it will be covered with 3%.


Do you need a credit equivalent to 150,000 rands? This service is the right choice. It deals with personal and payday credits. But, compared to many other companies, it charges the clients for many extra options. For example, a monthly fee of 78 rands will go for the account. On the other hand, the interest rates depend exclusively on the affordability of an applicant. But, to have a basic understanding, they vary from 10%-20%. Other terms are available only after contacting the team.


New applicants can borrow up to 40,000 rands while the existing customers can reloan even if there is already one loan taken. This service also has a designated application where a person checks the current balance, requests to skip a payment, and even gets a mini-report on the loans and his account. For more information, contact them and find out the repayment terms.


Do you need bucks? This service issues only the credits up to 4,000 rands. How to pay getbucks loan? Settlement quotations are obtained via their website when a person enters his profile or received via SMS by sending the shortcode ‘’settle’ to 44184. And, the settlement payment proceeds with the help of EFT. Otherwise, there is an option to download their application, and apply for new credits from any device and from whenever it is the most convenient.


5,400 rands and for up to 35 days? Fast credits, fast repayments. Beware, Lime24 payments can only be made via the personal account on the website. A person should sign in using the mobile number and password generated when registering. Moreover, clients may receive a bonus. Get a 50% discount on the interest for the subsequent credits.

MPOWA Finance

Up to 5,000R for the first loan. Keep in mind, they charge the initiation fee of 165 rands. The amount includes the VAT and is applied for borrowings up to 1,000R. The service fee is 60 rands per month. The first credits are under 5% monthly, and 3% for the further ones.


It issues the amounts of 2,500 rands for new clients, and up to 8,000 rands for existing ones. The payments are solely collected via a debit order in a single payment directly from the client’s bank account. Besides, a company will charge 60R for using the service. And, such a requirement is automatically applied monthly.


Newcomers are eligible only for amounts of 4,000R. If you are an existing customer, there is an option to get 8,000R. The approximate terms to such amounts are limited to 6 months. Wonga online payment method will depend on the offered creditor. As an example, a loan of 4,000 rands for 6 months will cost 1740, 55 rands including the interest and extra charges. Other wonga payment details receive upon the mutual agreement on the cooperation. After signing a contract, a company provides the clients with a variety of choices to pay the borrowing back.