How to apply

To enhance the procedure of applying for a loan, Binixo overviews the credit companies market in South Africa and generates the best solutions. Being a reliable loan broker, it helps its clients to find the loan service with flexible repayment terms, fast approval, and transparent costs. Why should you trust it? It is one of the first companies to offer online loans in South Africa, and it deprives people of facing the roguish services that charge clients for inexistent fees.

Taking out a Loan with Binixo

Do not be scared of the time-consuming process, applying is simple due to helpful tools that minimize the efforts and help to get money as fast as possible. All a person has to do is to follow step by step the next scheme:

  1. Choose the amount required and set the due day. Move the sliders on the main page of the website, and at first, approximately come up with an idea of the best terms. After deciding and setting the accurate numbers, a calculator will show the full costs in real-time. If they satisfy the clients’ needs, it is necessary to click the «GET LOAN».
  2. Fill in a form. Applicants should indicate the personal information. In particular, please insert the name and surname, email address, valid mobile number. Keep in mind, most of the denials occur when applicants fail to present accurate information. For example, even a small mistake in the mobile number can lead to denial, and a person has to do all the procedures again.
  3. Choose the creditor. Binixo is only a loan broker, thus it will redirect an applicant to a list of trustful credit companies. In some cases, it is necessary to repeat filling in the form.
  4. Wait for approval. After the completion of the form with credit service, it will take some time to get approval. Usually, it takes 1 hour to 1 day depending on each creditor. If the application is successful, an agreement is sent to the email mentioned with the client. He should carefully read it, acknowledge the policies and terms, and only after to sign it. Beware, if a creditor hesitates about the data received from a client, he may request to double-check it.
  5. Get your money transferred. After the final approval, the required loan amount will be credited to the client’s account. How to get to know when the money comes? An applicant can receive an email about the transaction, SMS from a creditor, or message from the banking facility.

The interest rate will depend also on each creditor. Binixo will let clients know about it. But, most commonly, the interest on the South African market varies from 0,02% to 2% per day.

Comply with the Agreement

Making an agreement with one creditor is an important legal aspect of any operation. When it deals with monetary transactions, it should be reviewed a few times on the availability of some discrepancy or incorrect written personal data. Try to reread it, and check all the fees discussed with the creditor via communication. Beware, if a person fails to comply with any of the dictated statements in the agreement, he may be obliged to pay fines and experience unpredicted charges. Binixo Africa, in turn, will help to avoid such mistakes and get your loan with no trouble.